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Welcome to our vibrant school community! With over 30 nationalities, we celebrate diversity and unity. Together, students, parents, and teachers create a warm and nurturing environment where everyone is valued and supported. Throughout the year, we come together to organize a rich tapestry of events, including the Fall Festival, Winter Festival, Navruz celebrations, International Day, and more, as we embrace cultural exchange and foster lasting friendships.

As part of QSI Dushanbe, we're connected to a wider network of QSI schools. Through this global community, we enrich our education by sharing resources, ideas, and perspectives worldwide. Join us in our commitment to excellence, bridging cultures and shaping futures together.

QSID has been the perfect place for our children to start school. The small class size and attentive staff have allowed our kids to flourish. Our son has blossomed from a shy and quiet boy to a confident and curious student. It may sound silly, but you really do feel like you are party of a family at QSID. We will really miss it!