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QSID Secondary I-IV Program

Over the span of four years in our Secondary program, students are equipped for success in both international and North American colleges or universities. Beginning with Secondary I, students engage in a comprehensive curriculum comprising Literature and Writing, Laboratory Sciences, World Cultural Studies and History, Algebra and/or Geometry, Art, Technology, and Physical Education. Additionally, they study World Languages with our instructors (Russian, German, and French) or demonstrate proficiency in other languages through testing.

As students progress through Secondary, select courses are delivered via our online platform by qualified QSI teachers worldwide, fostering independence and responsibility. In Secondary III and IV, students are encouraged to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, with the convenience of our campus serving as an AP testing center.

Preparation for college entrance exams is a priority, with support provided for the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) as a vital component of the college preparatory journey. Our graduates emerge from our Secondary program equipped with the skills and confidence to excel in higher education.

Teaching secondary students is my favorite spot to be in.  They can be absolutely illogical and stressful—but the vast majority of the time they are full of unique perspectives, the capacity to grow, and limitless possibilities.  As a teacher of Secondary Literature and Writing, I think it is my duty (and quite frankly it is my true passion!) to give them the structure they need to navigate the curriculum and make them aware of just how capable they really are.

Jennifer Lusk