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QSID Secondary I-IV Program

In the four years that students spend with us as part of our Secondary program, they are prepared for both international and North American college or university. Students begin their Secondary I year with all on-campus classes including Literature and Writing, Laboratory Sciences, World Cultural Studies and History, Algebra and/or Geometry, Art, Technology, Music, and Physical Education. Our Secondary students also take World Languages from our instructors (Russian, German, and French) or demonstrate high-level proficiency in other languages (Chinese, Hindi, etc.) through testing.. 

As they progress up through their years in Secondary, some courses are taught through our online platform by qualified QSI teachers in locations all around the world. This experience enriches the students’ academic experience by teaching them more independence and responsibility. Students are also encouraged to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) courses in their Secondary III and IV years. As we are an AP testing center, they are able to take their tests here on campus.. 

In our Secondary program, we support our students when they are ready to take the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) as an important part of their college preparatory journey. Our graduates go out into the world with the skills to tackle life as a college or university student!. 

Secondary students are at that awkward phase in which they are becoming adults, discovering their unique strengths and talents, yet they are full of questions and self-doubt. They have so much raw, unchanneled energy that at times it can be a challenge just keeping them focused. I believe that at this stage it’s important to recognize their individuality, support them their non-academic interests, and to give them flexibility and choices that fit their learning style. A little bit of freedom goes a long way in creating a functional, productive classroom environment--and it also prepares them for the reality of university life.

Adele Robertson