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Educational Technology

students in a computer lab

In the 21st century, technology is integral to both life and education. By harnessing its power effectively, teachers transition from lecturers to guides, fostering active student engagement in their own learning process. Technology provides access to diverse educational resources, particularly beneficial in remote settings where traditional materials may be scarce. Furthermore, it facilitates differentiated instruction, enabling teachers to tailor lessons to individual student needs. Embracing technology in schools not only equips students with essential skills for their future academic and professional endeavors but also prepares them to thrive in a digitally-driven world.

Personal Digital Device Policy

Technology is an integral part of 21st Century education.  At QSID, all our students use technology daily, during technology instruction and core academic classes. To make the transition between completing work at school and at home as smooth possible, QSID has the following policies:

Students in Secondary (14 years old and older) are strongly encourages to bring a personal digital device (PDD) to school daily to support and enhance the learning process.

Suggested PDD includes a tablet or laptop capable of running the Microsoft 365 suite of apps, the QSI application software issued to students. A cell phone is not sufficient for this purpose.

Students will follow the teachers’ classroom guidelines on when to use PDD as a learning tool.

Students will adhere to the signed QSI Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for technology and practice Digital Citizenship traits taught in QSI technology curriculum.

Students are responsible for the maintenance of the hardware and software of their PDD .

Students moving within QSI common spaces should have all tech devices closed and stored away for safe movement.

When applicable to the device, it is recommended that students use a protective case, screen protector, charging cord, and external charging battery.

Students are responsible for their own PDD and should take measures to keep it safe when in use and storage.

Relevant Tools

Microsoft 365 Student Subscription

QSI subscribes to the Microsoft 365 application suite that includes Outlook, Word, Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, and Sway. Each student is issued 1 GB of cloud storage to house all digital work. The use of Microsoft 365 applications supports QSI’s commitment to blended learning with technology. The students will use: 

Outlook to write e-mails to staff and students

Teams to manage online assignments and participate in video conferences when needed

Word to type essays

Excel to create charts and graphs for math and science classes

PowerPoint to create presentations

Sway to create multi-media publications