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Advanced Placement Program

Academic Rigor and College Preparedness

QSI Dushanbe is proud to offer the Advanced Placement program to our secondary students. AP courses challenge Secondary II, III, and IV students to think with the sophistication of university students. These courses provide rigorous preparation for the AP exams credentialed by the Educational Testing Service in the United States. Many colleges and universities in the USA give university credit for test scores of 3 and better (on a scale of 1 to 5).

In order to take an AP course, students must meet the following criteria:

Be recommended by the Director.

  • Must be Secondary II or higher.
  • Must complete any prerequisite academic courses – a student would need to have taken Chemistry before enrolling in AP Chemistry.
  • Have no pending or incomplete units from the previous academic year.
  • Have a proven history of being able to work independently and complete work on time.

Advanced Placement Courses

Explore the array of AP courses available at QSI Dushanbe, led by qualified, certified instructors. We're excited to unveil that AP Biology will be part of our in-person offerings for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. Additionally, discover our diverse online courses through QVS, the virtual arm of QSI. Click here to access our comprehensive course catalog.

QSI Academic Diploma with Honors Requirements

To graduate with the QSI Academic Diploma with Honors, students are required to successfully complete two AP courses, along with all the academic diploma requirements. 

The AP program at our school has been an invaluable stepping stone in preparing me for university and beyond. The rigorous coursework and challenging exams have not only deepened my understanding of the subjects but also honed my critical thinking and time management skills. By pushing myself to excel in AP courses, I've gained the confidence and academic readiness needed to tackle the rigors of higher education.

Daanish Hibbs
Sec IV Student

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