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Faculty and Staff

Passionate and Caring Educators

At QSI International School of Dushanbe, our commitment to Mastery Learning is upheld by a team of devoted and enthusiastic educators. Our faculty members are not only certified and licensed in the core subjects they teach, many also possess advanced degrees in education, ensuring a high standard of expertise in fostering student mastery.

teacher showing something on a laptop to a group of students.

Meet the Faculty at QSI International School of Dushanbe

We are committed to creating a visually appealing environment led by a dedicated staff. Our educators firmly believe in the success of their students and view time spent with them not as a limit, but as a valuable resource for continuous learning. The team at QSI International School of Dushanbe is comprised of highly qualified, talented, experienced, and motivated professionals. They consistently employ effective teaching methods to guide students in reaching their full potential across intellectual, athletic, creative, and service-oriented pursuits.