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During the summer of 2022, our school made a significant move to a state-of-the-art facility specially designed to meet our educational needs. Comprising two four-story buildings, this new campus boasts 30 standard classrooms, along with dedicated spaces for Art, Music, chemistry/biology labs, a cozy theater, a spacious gym, and a cafeteria accommodating over 100 individuals. With an estimated capacity for 350 students, there's ample space for future enrollment growth, ensuring an environment that nurtures education and development. Our priority is to cultivate an environment that nurtures creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and effective communication, empowering our students to excel both academically and personally.

Elementary Classrooms

Our elementary classrooms are vibrant and engaging spaces designed to inspire young minds. Equipped with age-appropriate learning materials and flexible seating, these environments foster a love for learning. 

students learning in table groups in colorful elementary classroom.

Elementary Art Room

Immerse your young artists in the world of creativity within our elementary art room. Bursting with color and equipped with a variety of art supplies, this inspiring space encourages self-expression and imagination. 

art classroom in an attic space.

Elementary Music Room

Step into our music room, where creativity comes to life through the joy of sound. This vibrant space is equipped with musical instruments and a welcoming atmosphere that encourages musicians to explore their talents. 

classroom with musical instruments

Secondary Classroom

Our secondary classrooms are customized to cater to the diverse needs of our students, providing flexible spaces for discussions, group projects, and individual study. 

students at desks in a secondary classroom

Science Lab

Our science lab is designed to ignite curiosity and passion for exploration. Students engage in hands-on experiments, fostering a deep understanding of scientific principles. 

4 science students conducting an experiment


Our growing school library is a hub of knowledge, offering a diverse collection of books in a welcoming environment, fostering a love for reading and intellectual exploration.

school library in attic

Computer Labs

Our computer labs offer students a conducive environment to develop digital skills, engage in interactive learning, and explore the realms of technology as they become digital citizens.

students working at computers in a tech lab.

Sports Hall

Our school sports hall is a versatile and well-equipped facility that serves as the heart of physical education, sports events, and community activities, promoting a culture of health and teamwork.

empty sports hall.


Our school theater is venue where creativity takes center stage, fostering a vibrant performing arts community and providing a platform for students to showcase their theatrical talents.

students performing on stage in a theater.


Our school cafeteria is a vibrant space where students gather to enjoy their meals in a social setting, promoting healthy eating habits and fostering a sense of community.

a school cafeteria without students


Our playground is a lively and engaging space designed to spark joy and physical activity, providing a safe environment for students to explore, play, and build lasting friendships.

climbing frames in a playground

Swimming Pool

Dive into excellence in our school's swimming pool. It provides a safe and invigorating space for aquatic education, skill development, and recreational enjoyment.

indoor swimming pool